Route Map

We will be keeping the best bits of last year’s route, with a few tweaks to take out the really muddy bits. WTL 2018 will have a loop route again this year, starting and finishing at the GlenCullen Adventure park, near Johnny Fox’s Pub.  There are two route options, 11 and 22km (approx) depending on your fitness and enthusiasm. The 2017 routes are below and will be largely the same of WTL 2018, (We will update the maps shortly).

WTL 2017 Long course Map

WTL 2017 Short course Map

The 2018 route description

The route (Long is 22Km, Short is 11Km)

Starting at the Old Glencullen Golf course you go straight onto the hill and head north toward 3 rock mountain before dropping down towards the Blue light pub (no detours allowed). The short course route swings around by three rock woods and heads back up to Two rock and Fairy castle before descending back to the start finish at the Golf club. The longer route continues from Three rock woods over towards Kilmashogue and down to Larch hill where the last lap cafe will be serving hot drinks. From here you head up onto Tibradden and back to the finish via fairy castle.

We have the 2017 GPX track of routes below, please note that we will be tweaking the routes in February to account for tree felling and to avoid some of the really nasty bits and will post updated GPX tracks then :

WTL 2017-Both Courses GPX Files.

WTL 2017 Short Course GPX file

WTL 2017 Long Course GPX file

Please remember that with the GPX it is important to first ‘Download’ the file to a known location on your computer, “unzip” it. Then use a GPX compatible device and select the file to upload to the device. If anyone tries to ‘open’ the gpx file directly it will just appear as digital gibberish.