Information and FAQs

Event date is the evening and night of the 23rd March 2024.

The sign in and start times will range from 14.30 till 17.45 depending on which of the routes you are planning on doing.

“Walk the Line” was an event we first ran in 2011 and it has been our most successful fund-raising event to date. “Walk the Line” is a challenge walk on a sustainable route allowing participants to safely enjoy the mountains whilst raising much needed funds for the Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team. We offer a guided option to those of you who like the idea of a challenge but don’t want the worry of having to know which way to go. We also offer a non guided option to cater for those of you who prefer to walk in smaller groups and enjoy the peace and tranquillity the mountains have to offer. We also have a few people who run the route every year and we welcome hill runners who want an evening/night run.

Each year we have tried something different, night time events, day time events etc. with a view to making the event more attractable, however, your feedback tells us it’s the night time event that you enjoyed the most. With this in mind “Walk the Line ” went back to the challenge of walking at night in June 2014 and in 2015 we moved the date to the end of March, starting in the afternoon so we could walk into the night but still be home in time for a pint and a good night’s sleep.

Over the last Seven years “Walk the Line” has raised much valuable funds to help with the Team’s operational costs, which are getting constantly rising due to the increasing number of call-outs we respond to each year. We were also in the fantastic position of being able to purchase a Landrover defender as a direct result of Walk the Line funds and this year all money raised will go towards our fund for a new permanent base in Roundwood which we hope to start construction on later in the year.

This event, however, cannot be successful without your support. We understand there are so many charities looking to raise vital funds for the good causes they provide, making fund-raising a more difficult task all round. By you taking part in Walk the Line you will be helping us to “Save Lives in Wild and Remote Places”.

The event in 2024 will consist of two route options, 11km and 22km. You can go it alone or be part of a group guided by Rescue team members in the Dublin Mountains. You can check out the two routes, and directions to the start, on our Route Map page.

Visit the Register page to sign up, Registration 2024 is now open.


This is a night event. Safety is paramount and all participants should be aware of the need to be visible at night. Participants thus need to be extra vigilant at all times on the “Walk the Line” Challenge for safety hazards.

We advise participants to wear a hi-vis reflective jacket to ensure visibility at all times. Appropriate footwear should also be worn (i.e. boots with sufficient ankle support). Participants should also take account of the prevailing weather conditions with regard to the completion of the route – appropriate apparel should be worn.

Participants should take heed at all times of the advice and instructions of the guides and marshals that will be manning the route on the night. Their safety instructions should be observed at all times by participants. There will also be key safety messages announced at the assembly area.


Event marshals will be positioned at major junctions along the route to ensure the safe movement of participants through the event. Please obey the instructions of marshals along the route at all times. There will also be obvious markings throughout the route to aid navigation. If you have chosen a guided option, we ask that you do as your guide asks in relation to route choice.


Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team will be providing medical cover for this event. If you have an ongoing medical condition, please make yourself known to a member of the Medical Team before the event commences. The medical centre will be located at the start/finish area, and there will also be experienced medical personnel located at strategic points along the course.

By signing up to the 2024 “Walk the Line” Challenge, you have accepted the Terms and Conditions set out in the entry process and indicate that you’re medically fit to complete the route.

If you experience difficulty on the route, we have prearranged points where you can get a lift back to the start / your car. As the route is on sustainable forest trails we will be able to get 4×4 access to most parts of the route in an emergency.

We will have Mountain Rescue medics at the aid-stations – please do not hesitate to speak to them if you have a problem. We would advise participants to bring along some blister prevention products and a spare pair of socks, just in case.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How difficult is the event?

Without us knowing your level of fitness the answer to this question is difficult but we would say that you will find it a challenging but rewarding trek. Keep in mind that the route is either 11km or 22km and is over a mix of forest road and trail surfaces, with an elevation gain over the course of 800m.

2) Do you have a mandatory & recommended kit list for the event?

We recommend that participants have sufficient food, water, clothing and other equipment to be comfortable in a mountain environment for the duration of this event. There is a main aid-station on the route and some food and water will be available along the route, but this is for stocking up and will not be sufficient to sustain you for the full challenge so don’t skimp on personal supplies. Clothing should be adequate for the conditions and remember if you run into any unforeseen circumstances it can get cold so make sure you have enough warm clothing – just in case! The primary objective is to enjoy the night but to remain safe at all times.

Items with an * are compulsory:

– High-vis vest*
– Technical base layer * (top and bottom, merino wool recommended)
– Fleece top/mid layer*
– Waterproof jacket and trousers*
– Extra socks
– Hiking boots*
– Gaiters – Not compulsory but highly recommended.
– Head torch (with spare batteries)*
– Whistle*
– Bivvy bag or Foil Blanket *
– Hat and gloves*
– Basic first aid kit (Minimum: 1 x Dressing Pad for heavy bleeding (field dressing, bandage and plasters)*
– Food and water sufficient for the duration of the event*
– Map(s) covering the route and a compass (e.g. OSI – Sheet No. 50 and/or Dublin & Wicklow Map from EastWest Mapping) – not compulsory for guided participants but worth having in your bag.
– GPS – optional
– Mobile phone fully charged and functional
– A rucksack to carry it all in! (20 to 35 Litre bag)*

An equipment check will take place prior to Registration and we reserve the right to refuse admission if we feel you are not adequately prepared. Your kit should reflect the weather on the night and the route that you are undertaking.

3) Where is the parking area for the event?

There will be Parking locations at the start/Finish area at the “GAP” ….The “Glencullen Adventure Park”, (formerly the Old Glencullen Golf Club), and we encourage carpooling and use of public transport.

4) Where is the event registration area?

Registration location will be in Glencullen Adventure Park, D18, just up the road from Johnny Fox’s. There will be important welcome and safety briefings for all participants that will cover safety, the latest weather forecast, logistical considerations, and other important information.

Registration will open early afternoon, 14.30hrs for the long route with a 16.30hrs start. Registration for the short route opens at 16.30hrs and starts at 18.00hrs. Everyone must register, it’s not possible to go straight to the start of the route.

5) What’s included in my entry fee?

Professionally organised event by Dublin and Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team, public liability insurance, route marking, manned checkpoints, hydration and aid stations with food and water, technical t-shirt, buff and an amazing after party. And of course, the warm glow that comes with helping fund a vital service!

6) Are there any feed/hydration stations?

There will be two hydration stations along the route with some treats. Participants are advised to bring their own energy food, though some may be available at the hydration area.

7) How much money do I need to fundraise?

This year we’re going with €64.20 / 74.90 ticket and will not be asking entrants to fundraise. Obviously, we would be very happy if you raised extra funds. However, there is no requirement to do so.

Should you wish to make a donation to the team or fundraise in addition to your entry ticket, we would be extremely grateful – click here to make a donation. 

8) Do you have any Rules that I have to adhere to?

The event is open to walkers of 18 years of age and over. Participants must ensure they have appropriate footwear, clothing and are carrying sufficient water and energy food whilst participating. The mandatory kit list must be carried at all times. All participants must follow the prescribed course & adhere to the spirit of the event by showing courtesy to other trail users, dropping no litter – we operate a Leave No Trace Policy. Please ensure you leave all gates as found and offer fellow participants who are injured, exhausted or confused, help and support.

9) Will I have to sign a Disclaimer?

Yes, by entering the event you will be bound by the event disclaimer, which will be signed at registration.